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Continuing Care criteria

Learn about the Continuing Care criteria and the NHS

If you have an elderly relative who you feel has health needs which should make them eligible for NHS care, then you may want to know about the Continuing Care criteria for receiving support.

The criteria for Continuing Care clearly state that where an elderly individual requires extensive round-the-clock nursing care due to health needs, their care home fees should be paid for when their needs could not be expected to be taken care of by the local social services.

The Continuing Care criteria also state that these health needs must be the primary reason due to which they require this type of care - it cannot be ancillary to the reason they will need to go into care. If they meet these Continuing Care criteria, they should be eligible for NHS funding, but unfortunately many elderly people are wrongly assessed and denied the NHS payments they should be receiving.

If a loved one of yours has had a health assessment and failed to qualify for funding when you feel they meet all the Continuing Care criteria, you may have a case to make a claim.