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Electricity and Gas Complaints

How to claim compensation for high utility bills

Have you ever received a gas or electricity bill and been gobsmacked at the figures looking back at you? Did you feel that company must have made some mistake? Well you may be amongst the millions of people who have been overcharged by their energy suppliers.gas

Consumers have had enough of paying extortionate amounts for essential services and want to do something about. However, energy companies are notoriously difficult to deal with. But if enough people make a noise about energy overcharging then hopefully the companies will finally sit up and listen.

In total, utility companies overcharged their customers by a staggering £1.6bn last year. This guide will help you to prevent being overcharged by your energy supplier and what to do if you have already been paying too much on your energy bills.

How to find out if you have been overcharged for your electricity and/or gas

How to find out if you have been overcharged for your water services