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Illegal bank charges

Do you feel that you have been the victim of illegal bank charges?

The question of illegal bank charges on current or closed accounts relating to unplanned overdraft, bounced cheques and direct debits used to be a relatively easy affair punctuated by many happy endings for determined consumers.

The usual method of attack was to threaten to take a bank to court and it would usually issue you a speedy refund with interest with little or no fuss. Of course, this appeared to implicate the banks in some form of wrong doing. However, since the result of the widely publicised shock Nov '09 Supreme Court ruling on the Bank Charges test case it's become a lot more difficult to reclaim and the question of illegal bank charges has become less clear in overdraft cases except in clear instances of hardship.

To complicate matters the question of illegal bank charges relating to credit cards is as yet undecided by the courts. To put it simply you have to petition your bank taking the best approach and hope for the best.

However, one area in which compensation is more likely is that of those borrowers who have been mis-sold PPI policies by their banks. If you are looking to reclaim PPI without the hassle, why not let us handle it for you?

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