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Cancelling estate agents

How to cancel your estate agent's agreement

Whether you've had enough of a dishonest and incompetent estate agent, simply changed your mind about selling your home, or want to save on commission fees and market the property yourself, you are entitled to cancel your agreement with the agent.

If you have a "sole selling" agreement you must wait until the notice period elapses.

If you have a "sole agency" agreement check how long the period runs for and what notice you have to give. Avoid instructing another agent until the end of your sole agency period because if they find a successful purchaser within that time you'll still be liable to pay commission to your original agent. This means you could end up paying double commission. You can still find a private buyer yourself during that period. 

To cancel your agreement, call the agent (making a note of the time and who you speak to) and tell them you wish to give notice that you're withdrawing instructions for them to sell your property with immediate effect. Tell them you've made a note of the call and will confirm again in writing. You do not have to give them an explanation as to why you're cancelling.

If they refuse to co-operate then contact the relevant ombudsman or regulatory body with your complaint.

If you're cancellation is successful and you manage to sell your home at a later date, the estate agent who you cancelled may still try to claim commission on the sale. Go to the next section of this guide to see what to do in this event.