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How to work out which council tax band you should be in

Re-assess your council tax band and save £1000s

Step 1- Check your council tax band, then check your neighbours' bands if they live in similar or identical properties. Since they live in the same area, if their house is a similar size, the bands should be the same.

You can do this by going to or calling the Valuation Office Agency using the contact details for your area listed on their website. Next move onto step 2.

Step 2- Calculate what your house was worth in 1991 compared to now, which will alert you if you think you may be in the wrong band.

You need to find the value of a house similar to yours, which has recently been sold. To do this you can visit noting the price the house was sold for and the date it was sold, but remember it must have been sold recently so you can make an accurate comparison.

Next, work out what your house was worth in 1991 as council tax was being introduced by visiting the Nationwide House Price Calculator at See below on how to use the calculator.

How to use the calculator

A. Scroll down the page to the calculator

B. In 'Property value' note the sales PRICE from earlier

C. In 'Valuation date 1' enter the DATE OF SALE from earlier (do ensure you put down which quarter of the year it was).

D. In Valuation date 2' enter 1991, and Q2

E. Select your region from the drop down list

F. Click 'calculate the results'

  • Now you can compare your correct council tax band in 1991 to the band you are currently in using the Valuation Office Agency's website stated earlier.
  • It is important to note that if you find you are in the wrong tax band, alerting the Valuation Office Agency and asking for a reassessment may risk your chances of being placed in a higher tax band and therefore making you pay increased tax. Therefore, make sure you are certain that your council tax band is incorrect by completing both the neighbour and the valuation checks in steps 1 and 2.

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