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A third of thrifty travellers avoiding travel insurance

10th March 2010

Following yet another summer washout and one of the coldest winters since records began, 64% potential holidaymakers are looking to get away from it all and take a holiday abroad this year.

However, 25% of adults planning a holiday admitted they will be spending less than in previous years, according to research by Aviva.  More worryingly, almost a third confessed that they would either not be taking out any travel insurance or were undecided about purchasing it.

Of those 'thrifty travellers' that are planning to spend less on their main holiday this year many agreed they are planning to be 'cash careful'. 62% are planning to set a limit on the amount of spending money they allow themselves on each day of their holiday, while 45% said they won't be buying any new clothes for their trip.

41% of holidaymakers will be going self-catering to save pennies while 40% also said they will cut back on eating out whilst away.

Whilst 31% of those going on holiday and looking to save money said they would seek out a bargain holiday by booking late, 30% of travellers will wait to book their holiday until only one or two months before they go and  48% said whilst they would take out travel insurance it would not be when they booked their holiday.

Jerry Finch, travel product manager at Aviva said: "Cutting back on the essential protection that travel insurance offers can be a false economy.  If you haven't taken out insurance when you book your holiday you may not be covered if for example, you had to cancel your holiday, so don't leave it too late.

"Remember accidents and illnesses do happen on holiday, and you could end up footing an expensive medical bill if you haven't taken out travel insurance.  

"In one case, whilst on holiday in Barbados, a customer suffered lacerations when the sink collapsed. They needed medical attention and help travelling home at a cost of £1,355.  Fortunately, this tourist had taken out travel insurance so everything was taken care of by us and they probably looked back on that annual policy premium of £52 as being money very well spent!"

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