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British Airways Strike - last minute deal?

Is Unite trying to wiggle its way out of a pickle? It hasn't made many friends because it seems that the public is behind BA not the union. 

After all, the cabin crew already earn twice their counter parts at other airlines.  If the airline doesn't reduce costs everyone loses.

In a last minute attempt to avoid strike action for which BA is now quite well prepared, Unite has suggested a pay freeze which will save £2 million, a marginal reduction in cabin crew numbers and a cut in pay up to next year. Unite say it will save about £60 million in total.

BA have refused to comment at this delicate stage of negotiations but it certainly looks like Unite are trying to bridge any gaps in diplomacy.

What would you do if you were head of British Airways?  Is it right that a third party union can stop the management of a struggling airline from cutting costs with the use of force? It's not like BA is making £11 billion profit like the banks recently reported and just being tight.  It's a serious situation and if the cost structure is not addressed the airline will go under and it is lose-lose for all of us.

If you are likely to be affected by the strikes don't panic too soon.

You can claim flight cancellation compensation or, claim against your credit card which is even easier.

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