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Overdraft Charges

Do you want to reclaim overdraft charges?

Overdraft charges have been used for years by banks as a means of boosting their profits at the expense of struggling customers.

Customers who exceed their agreed overdraft limit and dip into an unauthorised overdraft are often charged exorbitant charges by their bank.

Overdraft charges can cost customers up to £35 and regularly push people further into the red, compounding their debt. Those who remain in an unauthorised overdraft for a length of time are repeatedly charged by their bank, potentially racking up £1000s in penalties.

In 2007 the Office of Fair Trading took the banks to court as it deemed their overdraft charges to be unfair to the consumer. Despite winning in two courts, the OFT ultimately lost its case in November 2009 when the Supreme Court ruled they had no jurisdiction over overdraft charges.

Millions of UK consumers with overdraft charges cases on hold were effectively told that they could not reclaim their money.

Overdraft charges are not the only unfair practice banks use on consumers. Mis-sold PPI was found to be a scandal affecting millions of bank customers and it is still possible to claim that back if you were affected. This is one financial arena in which Claims Financial is cock of the walk. If you're looking to claim back mis-sold PPI, we can help.


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