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Natwest overdraft charges

Can I get NatWest overdraft charges refunded?

Banks such as NatWest often seem to impose excessive overdraft charges. You may have heard of people challenging the fairness of these penalty fees and having their money refunded, and been curious about whether you could do the same.

The Supreme Court, unfortunately, recently issued a ruling which stated that banks such as NatWest were allowed to levy such overdraft charges, and since then it has been far harder to get refunds in such cases. The ruling did not, however, cover credit card penalty fees, and you may still have a case if you wish to dispute these. Another thing that you may stand a decent chance of claiming compensation on is mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance policies, and that is where we come in.

Claims Financial is here to help. We work to secure refunds for consumers who have been charged for mis-sold PPI, dealing directly with financial institutions like NatWest to get back the money you are owed. We work on a no win no fee* basis, so there's no risk in submitting your claim to us.


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