Claims Financial are no longer accepting new PPI claims. Please note that the information provided on this website is no longer up to date.

Natwest bank charges

Can I reclaim NatWest bank charges?

NatWest, like other banks, levies charges on customers for a variety of reasons, many of which involve transactions involving unauthorised overdrafts. Until recently, it was fairly easy to dispute these charges as being unfair and have your money refunded.

A Supreme Court ruling in November 2009, however, sided with financial institutions like NatWest, saying that overdraft-related bank charges were not excessive, and it is now very difficult to reclaim money lost to these sorts of fees. Nonetheless, it is still possible to claim back charges related to credit card activity. And here at Claims Financial, we elect to focus on another avenue of reclaim - that of mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance, which has affected millions.

Claims Financial challenges banks such as NatWest directly, on your behalf, and does all the hard work for you to get your mis-sold PPI refunded. You could be owed hundreds or even thousands of pounds which have been taken from you unfairly.


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