Claims Financial are no longer accepting new PPI claims. Please note that the information provided on this website is no longer up to date.

It has recently been in the news that some banks have paid less mis-sold PPI compensation to claimants than they should have. An investigation has suggested that in some cases, penalty fees and charges that borrowers may have had to pay due to mis-sold PPI were not included when calculating how much compensation they should receive. Rest assured that if you have made a PPI claim with us and the bank contacts us because you are entitled to additional compensation, we will be in touch.

PPI mis-selling is a scandal - find out if you are owed £1000s

If you have a loan, credit card or mortgage with any bank, mortgage company or credit card provider then you should know that you could be owed thousands. What's more, millions of people are eligible to claim and may not even know it.

It is not the loans themselves that are the problem but the PPI (payment protection insurance, income protection, loan insurance) that was sold alongside it.

PPI is insurance that is designed to help you continue paying your monthly payments on credit cards, store cards, catalogue payments, mortgages or your car loan in the event of a sudden and unexpected loss of income. This is usually as a result of events such as sickness, an accident or redundancy.

However, PPI is useless for the majority of consumers who have been sold it and millions of people are paying, or have paid, thousands of pounds in premiums on an insurance that will never pay out should they need it.

If you have PPI on any of your loans or mortgages then there is a good chance that PPI was mis-sold to you, meaning you may have a claim worth thousands of pounds.

We specialise in these claims and have been featured in The Daily Telegraph. Claiming won't affect your credit rating and our services are FREE if we do not win*.

Winning successful claims since 2007, we are specialists in reclaiming PPI and this is all we do. We know how to win your claim!

Unfortunately Claims Financial is no longer taking on PPI claims. If you would like further information about how you may be able to claim, please click here.

PPI calculator - how much can you claim?

Use our Calculator and Take the Test tools to see if you have a claim and how much it could be worth. We’ll even email you the results!

Recent wins **

From Amount
HFC £55,896.68
Barclaycard £41,022.20
Lloyds TSB Insurance £21,216.00
Barclays £19,986.32
RBS £18,062.64
Capital One £17,942.20

"Claims Empire" email claims

Claims Financial have been made aware that some marketing communications have been issued under the name of Claims Empire. These communications ask customers to pay upfront fees and go on to suggest they are connected to Claims Financial in some way. Claims Financial would like to make it clear that we do not request upfront fees from customers and cannot accept any liability for the actions of Claims Empire. Claims Financial would like to make it clear to all customers that Claims Empire is not in any way connected to Claims Financial. Should you have any complaints regarding Claims Empire’s communications, please contact them directly and where necessary report any scam emails to, the police and claims regulator the Ministry of Justice.

We claimed £27,347,402 in 2012 *** Average payout £2,504.76


I would like to thank you sincerely for all the work you have done in all my claims. Your hard work is very much appreciated, and I shall not hesitate in recommending your services to all of my family and friends.

L Fever

I just had to put pen to paper and write to say I'm more than delighted with my settlement that you won me back from my PPI I had with Lloyds TSB. The Claim Forms were simple to fill in. It was a breeze.

Mr R Evans